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Licensed in License type Low risk Middle risk Complex case Time of onboarding
United Kingdom AEMI + + + 4 work days
France Bank + + + 21 work days
Italy Bank + + + 14 work days
Lithuania EMI + + + 3 work days
Hong Kong MSO + + + 2 work days
Germany Bank + + + 21 work days
Malta Bank + + + 14 work days

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How it works?

Pass KYC

One KYC Profile
Will give access to over 250 different financial institutions worldwide.

Receive Individual List

You will get your individually selected list of banks, acquirers and payment gateways.

Open Accounts

One KYC Profile
Will allow to Open and Manage All accounts through one platform.

General Questions

What is KYC-Pay?
KYC-Pay TM is a Technical IT solution integrated with banks and financial companies in Europe and the Asian region. After successful passing of KYC - compliance procedure, our clients get worldwide multi-options to open bank accounts or integrate an acquiring solution.
SEPA/SWIFT Accounts at KYC-Pay
Clients of KYC-Pay get options from different financial provider to open SEPA and SWIFT accounts. SEPA - a unique euro payment area, which establishes an integrated European market for payment instruments. The aim of SEPA is to ensure simple and effective payments in Europe both within participant countries as well as cross-border payments. SWIFT provides a secure network that allows more than 10,000 financial institutions in 212 different countries to send and receive financial transactions across the globe.
Does KYC-Pay disclose my personal information to third parties?
As specified in our Privacy Policy, customers’ personal data may be transferred to: a) payment service users (payees and payers); b) financial institutions or banks (subject or owner of accounts with Customer’s consent and in the scope of the personal data solely specified by Customer); c) The European Central Bank and the SEPA participant (personal data for these beneficiaries is a subject of disclosure due to the use of the Single Euro Payments Area – SEPA). Customers’ personal data may be transmitted to the third parties not specified above for legal obliagations purposes only, and only to third parties who have the right established by laws and other legal acts to recieve personal data in the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area.
Acquiring of KYC-Pay
Create a payment gateway with KYC-Pay acquiring services. Your shop’s success depends on your customers ability to use their preferred methods of payment, whether it is a classic credit card, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay or Alipay. Offering an optimal mix of options is essential for a reliable conversion of customers into regular clients ― online, via smartphones, or at the POS.
How safe is my money with KYC-Pay?
Unlike traditional banks, KYC-Pay does not have any direct options for your funds' balance. Therefore, your money is always instantly available. The regulation set by the government institution directly controlled by the European Central Bank or Asia local financial regulators, depending on the registration country of financial institutions. KYC-Pay solely provides a platform for opening and managing your bank accounts, all funds are deposited directly in banks or EMI license institutions.
Fees of KYC-Pay
Fees will be provided by Banks and financial providers directly, after passing a compliance procedure and identification of the risk status of the client's type of business.
How can I open an account?
You can open an account by completing the online application. Simply go to the Open Account page, choose the bank or financial institution (or both) and type of account and follow the instructions on the website.
How long will it take to open a bank or merchant account after I apply?
It usually takes 2 business days for a bank account and 4 business days for a merchant account (+7 business days for integration) applications to be reviewed. Please note that the timeframe is only applicable when all the required documentation is provided. If the set of documents is incomplete, this will impose delays on the timeframe we commit to.
How will you verify my identity?
KYCPay exclusively offers remote identification methods for information transfer to banks and financial institutions. Individual identification and collection of company's KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation is done remotely. In this case, only copies of ID documents are requested. Additionally, corporate documents are required to be submitted during the application process. All of the documents can be sent to [email protected]
How safe is to disclose my personal information through email and website?
KYC-Pay is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, effective of 25 May 2018, with the Legal Protection of Personal Data, with all of the other Laws and/or legal acts, as well as all of the European Union acts that are applicable in accordance with the personal data protection regulations applicable for the specific country in which the services are provided. ‍ We do not use the private information you disclose to us by email contact form, phone communication, account application, or any other channel that enables the collection of personal data to market our product unless you have expressed your consent. All subsequent communication initiated by KYC-Pay is mandatory to complete your request, in view of: 1. Provision of services of issuance, distribution, and redemption of electronic money and provision of payment services; 2. Conclusion and execution of the agreements; 3. Customers’ identifications; 4. Implementation of the obligations under the Law on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention. All the information regarding the use and protection of your personal data is fully disclosed in the Privacy Policy.